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VR - A Visual Editor for Requirements

You need it because you think!

Apply a practical, low-cost/low-risk solution to effectively develop and manage requirements. Describe software, computer screens, interfaces, system components, processes, dashboards, information sources, etc. using an efficient visual approach.

* simplifies requirements elicitation, formalization, analysis and management
* helps to create requirements of better quality and increases the productivity
of analysts, developers, engineers, testers, etc.

VR is a unique requirements development tool that:
* enables organizing requirements visually and conceptually
* is both visually- and text-oriented
* is a free format tool
* provides built-in estimation functionality

New in version 2.0:

* Quickly estimate size, effort and cost.
Estimate your product on the base of a use case model and using pre-packaged templates, in a familiar visual environment.
Estimate changes to the existing system.

* Explore commonalities and dependencies in requirements.
Analyze complex multi-level structures, such as sets of end-user pages, workflow definitions, architecture design, etc. Instantly find elements common to several sets, elements unique to a set, dependencies between two sets, dependencies within a set, etc.

* Create flexible and customizable specifications by quoting in one element the names and/or values of other elements.
If later the quoted element changes, the referencing value changes automatically. This adds flexibility and saves you time at those stages of requirements development when concepts are not stable yet.

* Include simple arithmetic expressions into requirements and estimates.
For example, you can change specific parameters of a model and instantly see how that change impacts the overall effort.

Other additions include viewing the structure of a set of diagrams, generalization links, and much more.

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